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Your new favourite band: Patrons (Plymouth, UK)

So, over the years I have met many many bands. Some of them are c**ts from the off, some of them seem genuine at first (whilst they are small and desperate for you to buy their merch, but then a few years later charge £50+ for VIP access and then only sign one record). Thankfully there are the others. This lot, are that other type; four truly genuine guys who deserve every drop of success that comes their way.

Rewind to May 2014 and I was at the Prince Albert in Brighton for a warm-up evening before the Great Escape festival – and all of a sudden this band that just sounded different to what I was listening to took to the stage. The noise that followed just blew me away, I looked at the stage expecting to see seasoned post hardcore veterans, perhaps having one more shot before disappearing into the ether. So imagine my surprise when they all looked half my age, they only had a handful of songs and a three track cassette for sale. So I gave them money for their cassette (knowing full well I had nothing to play it on) and got to chatting to them. One thing led to another and before you know it I’ve clocked up hundreds of miles to see them in a variety of places around the UK – and have loved every minute of it.

Fast forward three and a half years, and it is finally here……the debut album. Now, I will admit that I am probably quite biased but f**k me it is a corker and it looks as beautiful as it sounds. Now I don’t normally review albums, because the people who read this blog do so only to see the records and artwork – so all I will say is this:

  • Track 1: First of the Slow Burners. Lead single, and absolute banger. Video
  • Track 2: Shapes in Nature. Starts mellow, builds and becomes a banger.
  • Track 3: The Art of Conversation. See review for track 2, also amazing live. Video
  • Track 4: Eighty Four. Builds up, builds up some more and gets loud. Thought it was going to be called Simple Plan. It bangs!
  • Track 5: Everything Matters. Probably my favourite. Also a banger. Sounds nothing like Snow Patrol
  • Track 6: Listen. Wasn’t sure about it at first. On 10th listen, decided it is a banger.
  • Track 7: War & Pieces. Starts with a bang. Continues to bang. Banger!
  • Track 8. Army of One. Continues where War & Pieces ends. BANG
  • Track 9: Last of the Quick Thinkers. A real favourite when I see them live. Love it. Massive banger.
  • Track 10: Dawn. Boom, these boys (beys) know how to close out an album. I cried. This one is not a banger, it is just the perfect end to a truly blistering debut album. Btw, I’m lying, it is another banger.

See what I have done there. Not really a review is it, I’ve just used the word banger a lot. In short: All Killer. No Filler.

Now for the reason you are here. The pictures…..

Limited to 250 copies (well 247 if you remove the three copies I have), this first pressing is on clear vinyl with blue/ silver splatter available exclusively from Rose Coloured Records (link below) and Banquet Records. It comes with an inner sleeve and lyric sheet (and obligatory download code) and is seriously nice to look at (both the record and the artwork). 



Lyric Sheet:

Buy: Click here to satisfy your need for pretty records

And here are some words from bona-fide music press………and Kerrang!


Unsigned: Patrons – The Momentary Effects of Sunlight EP

Now, those of you who read this blog regularly (well last year when I was updating it more regularly) know I like music. A lot. If I am not buying it, I’m out watching it – which usually then results in me buying more.

Anyhow, long story short, I live in Brighton UK and we have this little festival called Great Escape that is kind of the highlight of our already quite amazing live scene. 300+ bands, 30+ venues, blah blah blah. Anyway last year I went to the pre-event warm up at the Prince Albert and came across a post hardcore band called Patrons, made up by four lads from Plymouth – and 1 song in to their set, I thought these guys were a bit special. By the time we got to the end of their set I could not thrust my money into their hands quick enough to get hold of the cassette EP (yes, they were that good I bought a cassette, and I hate cassettes).

So nearly 1 year later, and over 1,200 miles of driving around to see them the play live, they are releasing their next EP – and it is a fucking corker. Everyone who reviews it, loves it and the release date is oh so close.

So if you are a fan of Thrice, Funeral for a Friend, Fightstar, Reuben or any awesome post hardcore band – you owe it music to buy this EP. It’s only £4, and I guarantee you will not regret it. Link below.



Buy it here:

Watch the video here:

Great Escape 2014 – The Provisional List

So, another year means another Great Escape festival in Brighton. As each year passes, the number of bands increase, the number of venues with new names increase and most importantly, my militaristically performed analysis project becomes harder to fit in.

At the last count, I have managed to listen to more than 250 of the artists playing the Great Escape, and Alternative Escape events – and most importantly found a few real gems.

Special mentions to my top ten must sees:
BRNS // Etches // A Plastic Rose // Amber Run // The Darlingtons // JAWS // Lonely the Brave // Andy Shauf // Blaenavon // Dry The River (okay, not that new a band ;p)

..and also to two of my favourite bands that have just been added to the Alternative Escape:
Esben and the Witch // Escapists

So, with just one day until the festival kicks off, here is my provisional list of targets/ times and places so that if any of my buddies get misplaced – they will know where to go.

Wednesday 7th May:
01. Black Foxxes; 8.45pm @ Prince Albert
02. The Sleepwalks; 9.30pm @ Prince Albert
03. Patrons; 10.15pm @ Prince Albert

Thursday 8th May:
04. Ballet School; 12.30pm @ Green Door Store
05. VIMES; 1.30pm @ Green Door Store
06. Eyes and No Eyes; 2.30pm @ Bermuda Triangle
07. Still Parade; 3.30pm @ Green Door Store
08. Sam Fender; 4.30pm @ Festival Hub
09. RM Hubbert; 6.15pm @ Concorde2
10. Amber Run; 7pm @ Concorde2
11. Rae Morris; 7.45pm @ Concorde2
12. Circa Waves; 8.30pm @ Concorde2
13. Augustines; 9.30pm @ Concorde2
14. A Plastic Rose; 11pm @ Blind Tiger
15. The Hold Steady; 0.15am @ Dome Studio
(Back Up Band: East India Youth; 0.00am @ Green Door Store)

Friday 9th May:
16. The Darlingtons; 12.30pm @ Queen’s Hotel
17. JAWS; 1.15pm @ Komedia
18. Glory, Glory; 1.45pm @ Blind Tiger
19. Amber Run (Again); 2.30pm @ Above Audio
20. Ezra Vine; 3.15pm @ Spiegeltent
21. Esben & the Witch, 4.30pm @ Shipwright’s Yard
22. A Plastic Rose (again); 5.30pm @ Festival Hub
23. Gallery Circus; 7pm @ Green Door Store
24. Prides; 7.45pm @ Green Door Store
25. Blaenavon; 8.30pm @ The Brighton Centre: East Wing
26. Famy; 9.15pm @ The Brighton Centre: East Wing
27. Dry The River; 10.15pm @ The Brighton Centre: East Wing
28. Royal Blood; 11pm @ Corn Exchange
29. Afterpartees; 11.45pm @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
30. The Clameens; 0.45am @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
31. Gnarwolves; 1.30am @ Bermuda Triangle

Saturday 10th May:
32. Andy Shauf; 12.15pm @ Blind Tiger
33. Carnival Youth; 1.15pm @ The Hope
34. Audience Killers; 2.15pm @ The Hope
35. Billy Lockett; 2.45pm @ Spiegeltent
36. Boy Jumps Ship; 3.15pm @ Bermuda Triangle
37. Etches; 3.45pm @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar (VALIDATE)
38. BRNS; 4.30pm @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
39. Etches (again); 5.30pm @ The Tube
40. Ric (from Tall Ships); 6.15pm @ Pav Tav
41. Black City Lights; 7.45pm @ Blind Tiger
42. Champs; 8.15pm @ Unitarian Church
43. Escapists; 9.10pm @ The Albion Hotel: Bar Rogue
44. Future Islands; 9.45pm @ Digital
45. Twin Atlantic; 11.15pm @ The Warren