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My Chemical Romance – Conventional Weapons Set

The final piece of the puzzle has arrived courtesy of my local indie record store, Resident in Brighton (

My “My Chemical Romance” set is now complete, including the RecordStoreDay Black Friday US Exclusive No.2 on red vinyl

Anyhow, here is the full set of multi-coloured vinyl for your viewing pleasure. I have to admit, it makes a nice little set…


Now just need to wait for the RHCP singles set to complete and I can take a photo of that one too 😀


The Ol’ Red, White and Blue…….how apt!

Following on from the earlier post – I did find some 7″s for myself and, what, with being in the States and all, are the chances of randomly buying vinyl that shares the same colour as the National flag.

My Chemical Romance – No.2 (Cherry Red Vinyl)
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (White Vinyl)
Mark Lanegan – Same Old Man [Karen Dalton Cover] (Blue Vinyl)
The Gaslight Anthem – The Señor and the Queen (2x Black Vinyl)


So another successful day……

Surely there won’t be anymore vinyl purchasing updates from Boston in the remaining 3 days…..