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Marvel Labbits – Series One

First collectibles update for a while, and it is a pretty cool one. Kid-Robot’s take on the Marvel Universe in the form of Labbits look amazing (especially Loki and Wolvie)

Front row, left to right:
Dr Doom, Wolverine, Red Skull and Ghostrider

Back row, left to right:
Loki, Venom, The Punisher and Dr Octopus

Just missing Deadpool and Galactus (oh and all of series 2 which has just been released)


New Collectibles Update 5/10/2013

A selection of new collectibles added to my collection over the last few months. First up is the new Kid Robot X Marvel Labbit and Munny

Marvel-Wolverine-Labbit-by-Frank-Kozik Wolverine Munny



Next up is the 3rd Kid Robot X Futurama items, Nibbler: