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Marvel Labbits – Series One

First collectibles update for a while, and it is a pretty cool one. Kid-Robot’s take on the Marvel Universe in the form of Labbits look amazing (especially Loki and Wolvie)

Front row, left to right:
Dr Doom, Wolverine, Red Skull and Ghostrider

Back row, left to right:
Loki, Venom, The Punisher and Dr Octopus

Just missing Deadpool and Galactus (oh and all of series 2 which has just been released)


New Collectibles Update 5/10/2013

A selection of new collectibles added to my collection over the last few months. First up is the new Kid Robot X Marvel Labbit and Munny

Marvel-Wolverine-Labbit-by-Frank-Kozik Wolverine Munny



Next up is the 3rd Kid Robot X Futurama items, Nibbler:


New Collectible – Gold King Dunny

Got hold of the new Gold King 8″ Dunny, that has been released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kid Robot.

The Gold King Dunny is a sought-after piece that was released in the very first Dunny Series of collectible figurines in 2004, a popular line that still continues today. As one of the original pieces that helped establish Kidrobot’s supremacy in art and collectibles, the majestic gold figure is the perfect way to celebrate the company’s ten illustrious years in business.


Current Kid Robot collection

To start off this new page, here are a selection of some of my newest Vinyl Collectibles.

First up, the superb Choice Cuts Labbit by Frank Kozik.


Next up, two of the Kid Robot X Futurama pieces, the all powerful Hypno-Toad and Wooden Bender


and finally, the excellent Skullslinger by HuckGee