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Vinyl Hunting 101

Day four – more hunting for vinyl. This time it was back to the scene of Day One’s Black Friday purchases to double check I hadn’t missed anything in my overly tired, post flight state.

And just as well I did!!

Firstly, it appears that I had completely overlooked The Gaslight Anthem section, where, low and behold, the RSD BF TGA release “Hold You Up” 10″ on cherry red vinyl – was waiting to be purchased.

This was then followed by a full search through the LP section, which turned up two more must haves:

Death Cab For Cutie – Codes & Keys Remix EP from RSD 2012
Ben Folds – The Best Imitation Of Myself (2x180gram audiophile)


After finding these gems in the LP section, I thought it best to go through the 7″s too….

Just as well I did, two more nice finds (both for Gary):

Jack White – Fly Farm Blues on etched 7″ (complete with TMR etched logo)
William Elliott Whitmore – P.O.S With Big Cats (RSD 2011 Release)