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Black Friday – Part Three

So day two in Boston started with leisurely stroll to Newbury Comics on Newbury Street to hunt down the remaining RSD Black Friday pieces I was after.

The hunting was off to flyer when, to much joy, all the BF items were nicely displayed above the record racks – including a pile of the Mogwai – A Wrenched Virile Lore (on limited coloured vinyl) – which completed the shopping list for Gary.

Next up, after some hunting, M83 – Reunion Remixes was located (hiding in the M83 section)

Which only left the Mad Season and Gaslight Anthem items – which, unfortunately could not be found.

So, here they are …..


In my sadness, I thought I would look at what other things I might fancy.


Black Friday – Part Two

So, landed in Boston, MA at 5.45pm – and did what any self respecting vinyl collector would do……checked in at hotel, showered (bearing in mind it was a 7 hour flight) and head straight to Newbury Comics @ Faneuil Market to see what was in their record collection.

And look what I found…..


What a result, 2 of the 5 pieces that I was after. A copy of the Lumineers’ Winter E.P for myself and one for Gary, together with the Edward Sharp Split 7″

Fingers crossed that the Newbury Street Store will have the remaining items:
Mad Season 12″
M83 12″
Mogwai LP on coloured vinyl

Black Friday – Part One

Yay – Black Friday has come and gone, and the following items have been added to my collection (from the UK releases)

White Stripes – 3x 7″ singles:


Coheed & Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension // Big Beige Demos


Now to fly out to the US to try and get some of the US only releases 😀