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Prized Possession: My ‘Tall Ships’ Collection

With March seeing the release of their 2nd studio album – what better way to celebrate than to get all the collection together and take photos. What is most pleasing is that with the exception of some of the variant editions, I have completed my Tall Ships vinyl collection – and got the lot signed

Let’s start with the excellent new album “Impressions”. I opted for the indies only 2xLP edition with etched forth side

Sticking with LPs, here is the debut, on black vinyl which came with poster of the album cover (not pictured but also signed)

Next up, whilst not vinyl, are equally nice things to have. First up is the Resident in-store poster from launch show the guys played to celebrate the release of Impressions. This will soon be placed in a frame and displayed with my record collection.

If you have read my other posts over the years, you will have noticed that the odd signed playing card appears. Essentially about 6 years ago I bought a giant pack of playing cards with a view of getting all 54 (2 jokers) signed. In some case, as is the case with Tall Ships, a band members more artistic streak will break free – and the r silt usually ends up with a cock and balls drawn somewhere. In this example, you will notice that the love heart has been ‘enhanced’ to resemble a very happy scrotum with a large amount of stubble, arms and legs. Nice. Also, extra credit must be given for the perfect recreation of the band logo at the base of the card.

Back to records, next is the solitary 12″ in the collection (yes, I separate 12″ EPs/ Singles out from LPs) – the repressed edition of There Is Nothing Here But Chemistry EP. I was not able to get hold of the variants, so mine is standard black vinyl. Again the sleeve appears to be hand crafted so I assume that each one is slightly different.

Into the 7″ singles now, and the first one is the TooPure singles club release of Will to Life/ Life Goes On. Limited to about 500 I think, mine is #376. As a side note, if you are not already member, I highly recommend joining.

For the next single, it is the Hit the Floor single, which again appears to be housed in a hand crafted sleeve, and also was again limited, this time to 300. The single comes with an insert

Here is the T=0/ Books double a side 7″. Pressed on white vinyl and housed in a hand made sleeve, with each sleeve being truly unique and numbered. Mine is #203

And finally…… the Hello Pink Mist compilation LP that features the “Body Parts” remix of “Snow”. Pressed on pink/white swirl it is the only way to get the remixed version on vinyl.

Nice eh?! 😀

Tall Ships, Resident Instore, Brighton​