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Third Man Records: Vault #29 – Pearl Jam

Well look what has just turned up – the latest in the TMR Vault releases (and my first one ever due to the band in question). The first thing I notice, is that Third Man Records don’t do discreet, with a nicely branded TMR record mailer to protect whatever gems lay inside.

Third Man Records Vault #29 represents my first foray into the TMR subscription service – and for good reason – as it is the first TMR vs Pearl Jam collaboration,recorded just before their Bonnaroo headline set earlier this year. 

The Records:

So to the contents, and I will start with the records, as that is the whole point of this blog. The main part of the package is of course the 12″. Dissapointingly it only comprises of 8 tracks, but on the plus side it is a beautiful gold (translucent orange) black 50/50 split disc house in a super stiff gatefold sleeve. The sleeve features metallic printing.

Next up, is the “record booth recorded” 7″. A single side clear record that features Eddie Vedder performing ‘out of sand’.

Non Records:

Moving on to the non-record related items…

A metal pin

A patch (which will go nicely with all the other Pearl Jam patches that they send out to TenClub members each year)

​Finally, the Vaul Package contains a photo book that has pictures taken on the day – in moody black and white!​