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Prized Possession: My ‘The Twilight Sad’ Collection

So after coming to this particular party very late (they were already on album no.3 before I clambered on the band wagon) – I have myself quite a task of a) finding all the back catalogue and the b) getting them all signed.

So, two years since I started collecting – this is where I am up to. Whilst not complete, I am kind of happy with where I have managed to get to.

Also, with the exception of the ‘The Wrong Car’ 12″ it is all signed – following a number of pre and post show chats – where i thrust things in their face with suitably coloured Sharpies (Concorde 2, Hoxton Bar & Grill (x2) and some other London venue whose name escapes me right now)


Albums & playing card:

7″ Singles:


Unsigned ‘The Wrong Car’ 12″:


So there you go, only a few more bits to find and get signed and then I can mark my Twilight Sad vinyl collection “complete*”

*pending any new releases of course.

Thanks go to James, Mark and Andy for accommodating my signing requests.

And if you haven’t enjoyed The Twilight Sad yet, get on it!!