New coloured vinyl: March 2014

As another month of record buying comes to a close, I thought I would post a nice round up of the new additions to my collection.

First up is the debut from ‘The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am Not Afraid to Die’ called ‘Whenever, If Ever’. Pressed on a translucent blue with smokey blue marbling (and a few other colours too). As an added bonus, I got this just in time to see them perform at the Green Door Store, Brighton, UK on the 6th April – so hopefully it will be signed soon.


Next up are two ‘The Wonder Years’ LPs . First up is their critically acclaimed ‘Surburbia, I’ve Given My All, and Now I’m Nothing’ album from 2011. Pressed on clear vinyl


Then, the more recent, and absolutely stunning follow-up, 2013’s ‘The Greatest Generation’ pressed on translucent orange vinyl. As with the TWIABPAIANLATD vinyl, I have also got these in time to see the band perform live at The Haunt, Brighton later on in April.


Next up is the slightly delayed Crosses LP on White heavyweight vinyl. A great record from one Chino from Deftones many side projects. Check the yellow and grey “smoking” on the vinyl – nice touch.



And finally, the live version of Finch’s amazing debut album, What It Is To Burn on white heavyweight vinyl.



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