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New coloured vinyl: March 2014

As another month of record buying comes to a close, I thought I would post a nice round up of the new additions to my collection.

First up is the debut from ‘The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am Not Afraid to Die’ called ‘Whenever, If Ever’. Pressed on a translucent blue with smokey blue marbling (and a few other colours too). As an added bonus, I got this just in time to see them perform at the Green Door Store, Brighton, UK on the 6th April – so hopefully it will be signed soon.


Next up are two ‘The Wonder Years’ LPs . First up is their critically acclaimed ‘Surburbia, I’ve Given My All, and Now I’m Nothing’ album from 2011. Pressed on clear vinyl


Then, the more recent, and absolutely stunning follow-up, 2013’s ‘The Greatest Generation’ pressed on translucent orange vinyl. As with the TWIABPAIANLATD vinyl, I have also got these in time to see the band perform live at The Haunt, Brighton later on in April.


Next up is the slightly delayed Crosses LP on White heavyweight vinyl. A great record from one Chino from Deftones many side projects. Check the yellow and grey “smoking” on the vinyl – nice touch.



And finally, the live version of Finch’s amazing debut album, What It Is To Burn on white heavyweight vinyl.



Prized Possession: Editors ‘Unedited’ box set

Since starting this blog, I have bought many, many records – and subsequently upload pictures of them. However there are still many older items in my collection that deserve special mentions – and a too awesome to not have post dedicated to them.

For this reason I thought that I would start occasionally uploading posts for some of my older prized possessions, and first up is the Editors ‘Unedited’ box set from 2011.


The Unedited box set is a ‘deluxe limited edition collectors box set’ by British Indie rock band Editors, released on 28 March 2011. The set covers not only the three officially released albums, The Back Room, An End Has a Start and In This Light and on This Evening but also b-sides and rarities.


The box comes as a 12″ presentation box, featuring:

7 CD’s


7 Heavy Weight vinyl LP’s


The CD’s and LP’s are each packed in 12″ book, whereas in addition the LP’s are housed in individual wallets which feature new artwork for each album plus the tracklisting.




A 12″ 100 page photo-art book


The book contains tons of photos and gig posters from the period of time covering the three albums as well as a full Gigography up to the point that the boxset was released.


The name of each person who pre-ordered the box before 16 December 2010 is also featured in the photo book as a special credit – including mine 😀


All in all this is one amazing boxset, and I am so glad to have it… Even gladder that I have 2 copies of it. One to play, one to keep.

The Boxer Rebellion, The Haunt, Brighton, 4th Feb 2014

Recently one of my favourite bands, ‘The Boxer Rebellion’ came to town, promoting their new album ‘Promises’

The played a pretty sweet set, and hung around after to sign some vinyl. Top guys!


See below for a link to a small clip recorded by YouTube user ‘Stevie Baby’ on the night:

The Boxer Rebellion, New York live at The Haunt

Boxset Madness Pt. 2: The Smashing Pumpkins

Following on from my Boxset Madness Pt. 1 post, another one of my recent trip’s purchases was the 2013 ‘The Aeroplane Flies High’ boxset reissue from The Smashing Pumpkins.


Housed in a heavyweight card box adorned with the same metallic silver and black spiralled logo to the original release, there are 5 thick metallic card sleeves with a different pattern – 1 sleeve for each of the singles off of the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness LP.


Tonight Tonight (silver), 1979 (blue), Bullets with Butterfly Wings (orange);


Zero (purplely blue), Thirty-Three (pink):


Each sleeve contains a further interior sleeve, replicating the pattern from the thicker metallic sleeve, just in black and white as well as a standard paper sleeve that houses a 180gram black 12″ vinyl (pictured below: the Thirty-Three single)


Disappointly, there is no inlay book, only a single sheet that details the tracklisting (which forms the outer sleeve when shrink-wrapped.


All in all, it is a very nice set (albeit a nice art book would have been very welcome) – with each heavyweight vinyl sounding excellent.

And besides, it looks really nice with the Mellon Collie reissued boxset released in 2012.;

Boxset Madness Pt. 1: Metallica

My recent trip across the pond yielded a few new boxsets.

First on the list was the RecordStoreDay’s Black Friday 2014 release of Metallica’s “Through The Never” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – or as most people would call it, a live album! ;p

All tracks on the soundtrack are live recordings from the 2012 Canada shows Metallica performed for the Through the Never film shoot, with the exception of “Orion” that was recorded live at soundcheck.


Released in two versions, a 33rpm version and a more limited, 45rpm edition – I opted for the latter.

Not sure if the packaging was the same for both, but my version comes with hand sprayed inner sleeves and the actual die-cut template used to spray the “Metallica-ed” no entry sign that adorns each sleeve and the box front.

Limited to 4000 (so not that limited then ;p), I picked up number 496


All in all a great set, with a decent tracklisting and very good sound quality/ mastering. Nice.

Mastodon – Call of the Mastodon (Reissue)

“Pressed for the first time in over eight years, this compilation collects all of the band’s earliest material including demo material, 2001’s “Slick Leg” seven-inch single, and 2001’s “Lifesblood” EP.”

Relapse decided to press a number of different versions and I opted for the Blue/Gold merge, which was limited to just 500.

The vinyl looks really good, and the blue and gold merging looks different on both sides

<br /

Marvel Labbits – Series One

First collectibles update for a while, and it is a pretty cool one. Kid-Robot’s take on the Marvel Universe in the form of Labbits look amazing (especially Loki and Wolvie)

Front row, left to right:
Dr Doom, Wolverine, Red Skull and Ghostrider

Back row, left to right:
Loki, Venom, The Punisher and Dr Octopus

Just missing Deadpool and Galactus (oh and all of series 2 which has just been released)