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Blink-182’s Blink-182 LP; Hot Topic Edition

It’s arrived!!

The Hot Topic edition of Blink-182’s eponymous LP – in glorious pink and green splatter containing 2 LPs and 3 sides of awesome pop punk goodness.


3 sides you ask, this is because, as if clear vinyl with pink/ green wasn’t enough, Hot Topic etched the 4th side with the smiley emoticon that adorns the LP sleeve (apologies that my photo doesn’t do it justice – you can only make out an arrow!)

Another nice touch by Hot Topic; making each 12″ look different (I am assuming that this is not randomly limited to my copy)

As you can see from the photos, Record 1 is a more reserved splatter that doesn’t induce any sort of seizure when watching it spin on the turntable, whereas record 2 looks like it could be used as a prop in a hypnotist’s show.

Well done Travis @HT. Another lovely HT exclusive.