Music On Vinyl Reissues

Long time no post – but the dark nights are drawing in so time catch with a successful last few months of vinyl purchases.

For the first update, I am going to show off some of the recent Music On Vinyl reissues that I have picked up over the last 6 months….

First up, and the latest addition to the collection is the Faith No More’s “The Real Thing”. Reissued on a quote spectacular green marble vinyl – it really is a nice reissue (and just to show off, I have placed it next to the original 1989 release):



Then, next up are the two Stone Temple Pilots reissues of “Core” and “Purple”. The prior has been released on clear vinyl with an etched fourth side – etched with the STP logo:



As for “Purple”, well, you have probably guessed – pressed on heavyweight purple vinyl (which is a real pain to photo with an iPhone!!):



And then, lastly (as I missed out on the Temple of the Dog reissue on Pink/Purple Vinyl) is the Mother Love Bone reissue on Black vinyl. I know, a bit boring, but it is an excellent remastering:


Now to wait for the Faith No More “King For A Day…” (Red Marble Vinyl) and Temple Of The Dog “Temple Of The Dog” (Black Vinyl Editions) to be released. 😀

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