New vinyl 14-Apr-2013

With only 6 days left until RecordStoreDay 2013 – what better way to celebrate than to buy some vinyl from my favourite independent record store (Resident, Brighton).

First up, the two Haim 10″s in pink and cream vinyl:


Next up is the new singles from The Strokes and Everything Everything and the repress of Sigur Ros’ classic Agaetic Byrjun, repressed on black heavyweight vinyl:


Last but not least the double a-side single from unsigned Bristol band, The Naturals – released on Howling Owl Records:


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  1. I’m very jealous of that Ágætis Byrjun copy you got! We didn’t get that here in Australia! 😛

    • It is a good pressing, the sound is excellent. My local record store still have a few copies left and ship internationally ( ;p

      The Hvarf/Heim RecordStoreDay reissue was even better 😀 (see a later post).

  2. I’ll have to order a copy! haha! I know, I got myself one of those and it’s amazing, the sound is beautiful! I also got the Tame Impala EP and I have Coldplay’s Hurt’s Like Heaven coming in the mail

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