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Cleaning the church

My new Ikea glass cabinet meant I needed to mover the music & games room around a little..,.and now my church is finished.

And here it is ….. Panoramic style !!



Updated Vinyl List – as at 12th December 2012

The catalogue of my vinyl collection has been updated and uploaded to the My Music tab

Feel free to have a look at my collection, I am starting to become quite proud of it 😀

Latest items that I have not previously blogged about:

– Atoms For Peace: Default 12″

– The XX: Unchained/Angels 7″

– Four Tet: Jupiter (Happa Remix)/ Lions (Jamie XX Remix) 12″

Stop the press – late breaking US purchases

Okay, so lied a bit in my last post. I also acquired the totally amazing, wonderfully packaged, absolutely gorgeous to look at “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” reissue box sets by the Smashing Pumpkins.

The vinyl version, is the entire album split across 4x180gr vinyls – each individually housed in you choice of plan paper sleeves or fully printed card (with full colour images from the original CD artwork)

And the cd, well that gives the owner 5x CD (2xCDs being the original album – remastered of course, and 3xCDs of demos, remixes and alternate versions of the album tracks). Oh, an for good measure they have thrown in a DVD too!

Pictures from google below:



The last day of US shopping

So, last Wednesday was my final day stateside – so I thought it best to a little more shopping. You know, pick up a couple of other bits ….

Uh-oh again!

So…..I purchased a few little bits –

A Day To Remember’s “Homesick” and “What Separates Me From You” LPs on coloured vinyl

Deftones “Deftones” and “Diamond Eyes” LPs on coloured vinyl

The amazing Sunny Day Real Estate’s genre defining classic “Diary”, on 2x180gr vinyl

Jimmy Eat World’s “Chase This Light” LP

Bush’s “Razorblade Suitcase” reissued LP

And finally Rage Against The Machine’s eponymous debut, excellently reissued to mark it’s 20th anniversary on limited edition picture disc.



The Ol’ Red, White and Blue…….how apt!

Following on from the earlier post – I did find some 7″s for myself and, what, with being in the States and all, are the chances of randomly buying vinyl that shares the same colour as the National flag.

My Chemical Romance – No.2 (Cherry Red Vinyl)
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (White Vinyl)
Mark Lanegan – Same Old Man [Karen Dalton Cover] (Blue Vinyl)
The Gaslight Anthem – The Señor and the Queen (2x Black Vinyl)


So another successful day……

Surely there won’t be anymore vinyl purchasing updates from Boston in the remaining 3 days…..

Vinyl Hunting 101

Day four – more hunting for vinyl. This time it was back to the scene of Day One’s Black Friday purchases to double check I hadn’t missed anything in my overly tired, post flight state.

And just as well I did!!

Firstly, it appears that I had completely overlooked The Gaslight Anthem section, where, low and behold, the RSD BF TGA release “Hold You Up” 10″ on cherry red vinyl – was waiting to be purchased.

This was then followed by a full search through the LP section, which turned up two more must haves:

Death Cab For Cutie – Codes & Keys Remix EP from RSD 2012
Ben Folds – The Best Imitation Of Myself (2x180gram audiophile)


After finding these gems in the LP section, I thought it best to go through the 7″s too….

Just as well I did, two more nice finds (both for Gary):

Jack White – Fly Farm Blues on etched 7″ (complete with TMR etched logo)
William Elliott Whitmore – P.O.S With Big Cats (RSD 2011 Release)