Prized Possession: My ‘Tall Ships’ Collection

With March seeing the release of their 2nd studio album – what better way to celebrate than to get all the collection together and take photos. What is most pleasing is that with the exception of some of the variant editions, I have completed my Tall Ships vinyl collection – and got the lot signed

Let’s start with the excellent new album “Impressions”. I opted for the indies only 2xLP edition with etched forth side

Sticking with LPs, here is the debut, on black vinyl which came with poster of the album cover (not pictured but also signed)

Next up, whilst not vinyl, are equally nice things to have. First up is the Resident in-store poster from launch show the guys played to celebrate the release of Impressions. This will soon be placed in a frame and displayed with my record collection.

If you have read my other posts over the years, you will have noticed that the odd signed playing card appears. Essentially about 6 years ago I bought a giant pack of playing cards with a view of getting all 54 (2 jokers) signed. In some case, as is the case with Tall Ships, a band members more artistic streak will break free – and the r silt usually ends up with a cock and balls drawn somewhere. In this example, you will notice that the love heart has been ‘enhanced’ to resemble a very happy scrotum with a large amount of stubble, arms and legs. Nice. Also, extra credit must be given for the perfect recreation of the band logo at the base of the card.

Back to records, next is the solitary 12″ in the collection (yes, I separate 12″ EPs/ Singles out from LPs) – the repressed edition of There Is Nothing Here But Chemistry EP. I was not able to get hold of the variants, so mine is standard black vinyl. Again the sleeve appears to be hand crafted so I assume that each one is slightly different.

Into the 7″ singles now, and the first one is the TooPure singles club release of Will to Life/ Life Goes On. Limited to about 500 I think, mine is #376. As a side note, if you are not already member, I highly recommend joining.

For the next single, it is the Hit the Floor single, which again appears to be housed in a hand crafted sleeve, and also was again limited, this time to 300. The single comes with an insert

Here is the T=0/ Books double a side 7″. Pressed on white vinyl and housed in a hand made sleeve, with each sleeve being truly unique and numbered. Mine is #203

And finally…… the Hello Pink Mist compilation LP that features the “Body Parts” remix of “Snow”. Pressed on pink/white swirl it is the only way to get the remixed version on vinyl.

Nice eh?! 😀

Tall Ships, Resident Instore, Brighton​


RSD2017 Update 4 – 12″ Singles/ EPs

Now for the 12″ single and EP releases from the day starting with the one that I was most looking forward to (and that was before I realised the rest of the track listing):

Placebo/ David Bowie – Without You I’m Nothing: 12″ picture disc with the band and Bowie on one side and a birds eye view of NYC on the flip. Housed in a die cut sleeve and featuring not only the Standard version, but the two remixes that were only previously available (in vinyl format that is) on a Promo 12″.

The Chemical Brothers – C.H.E.M.I.C.A.L: Black 12″ with rear etching of the track title and two fancy pants lightning bolts.

Son’z of a Loop Da Loop Era: Far Out: Transparent 12″ with red smoke flash housed in traditional Surburban Base Records generic sleeve.

Pauw/ Mystery Jets – Split 12″: Black 12″ featuring boths bands playing Bubblegum (Mystery Jets) and High Tide (Pauw).

Goldie feat. Diane Charlemagne – Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild): Black 12″ featuring an updated version of the classic track for 2017 as well as a new exclusive Burial Remix on the flip side.

RSD2017 Update 3 – Bowie ‘No Plan EP’

Probably the best looking release in this years selection, the Bowie ‘No Plan EP’ on translucent light blue/ cloud smoked vinyl with rear etching.

Front of Sleeve:

Vinyl and Sleeve:

Close-up of Vinyl:

Small Star Etchings:

Large Star Etchings:

Rear of Sleeve:

RSD2017 Update 2 – Albums

Now I am gonna focus on albums, rather explain a bit about each one, I’ll name the LP just and share the pictures of the front, inside (for gatefolds) and the vinyl itself.

The Cure – Acoustic Hits: 2x picture disc in die cut sleeve

The Cure – Greatest Hits: 2x picture disc in die cut sleeve

Vangelis – Blade Runner: Picture disc in die cut sleeve

Maximo Park – Risk to Exist: Transparent with red/ yellow splatter in gatefold sleeve

Coheed & Cambria – Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV: 2x 180gr swirled vinyl, two colours (burgundy/black & black/creamy white) in gatefold sleeve

Sunny Day Real Estate – The Rising Tide: 2x transparent vinyl in gatefold sleeve

Mew – Frengers: Not Quite Friends, Not Quite Strangers: Transparent vinyl housed in a high gloss inner and main sleeve

Ben Folds & WASO – Live in Perth: 2x 180gr black vinyl in gatefold sleeve

Baby Metal – Baby Metal: 2x red 180gr vinyl in a gatefold sleeve

RSD2017 Update 1 – Peter Hook & the Light

So, it is here again – that wonderful day where I queue outside Resident Records in Brighton for 13 or so hours to make sure I can grab all the RSD releases I am after without having to resort to buying from flippers.

Another busy one was had, with a monster queue forming by about 6am – but lucky for me, there were all behind me as my overnight stint had bagged me 7th in the queue.

My first update of #RSD2017 relates to the biggest single artist spend of the day, the 9 Peter Hook & the Light vinyls. Now this really had to be good to warrant the £197 price tag you faced if you wanted them all – and first impressions don’t disappoint.

The overall set comprises of 4 different live variations of Joy Division/ New Order albums:

  • Closer, recorded live at The Factory, Manchester, 2011
  • Unknown Pleasures, recorded live At The Cockpit, Leeds, 2012
  • Movement, recorded live at The Academy, Dublin, 2013
  • Power, Corruption & Lies, recorded live at The Academy, Dublin 2013

All LP housed in deluxe gatefold sleeves and pressed on coloured vinyl.

Closer Vol.1: Front & Vinyl

Closer Vol.1: Back & Vinyl

Closer Vol.1: Inside Jacket

Closer Vol.2: Front & Vinyl

Closer Vol 2: Back & Vinyl

Closer Vols 1 & 2

Unknown Pleasures Vol.1: Front & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasures Vol.1: Back & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasure Vol.1: Inside Jacket

Unknown Pleasures Vol.2: Front & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasures Vol.2: Back & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasures Vol.3: Front & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasures Vol.3: Back & Vinyl

Unknown Pleasures Vol 1, 2 and 3

Movement Vol.1: Front & Vinyl

Movement Vol.1: Back & Vinyl

Movement Vol.1: Inside Jacket

Movement Vol.2: Front & Vinyl

Movement Vol.2: Back & Vinyl

Movement Vols. 1 & 2

Power, Corruption & Lies Vol.1: Front & Vinyl

Power, Corruption & Lies Vol.1: Back & Vinyl

Power, Corruption & Lies Vol.1: Inside Jacket

Power, Corruption & Lies Vol.2: Front & Vinyl

Power, Corruption & Lies Vol.2: Back & Vinyl

Power, Corruption & Lies Vols 1 & 2

Come back later for more RSD17 pictures

Your new favourite band: Patrons (Plymouth, UK)

So, over the years I have met many many bands. Some of them are c**ts from the off, some of them seem genuine at first (whilst they are small and desperate for you to buy their merch, but then a few years later charge £50+ for VIP access and then only sign one record). Thankfully there are the others. This lot, are that other type; four truly genuine guys who deserve every drop of success that comes their way.

Rewind to May 2014 and I was at the Prince Albert in Brighton for a warm-up evening before the Great Escape festival – and all of a sudden this band that just sounded different to what I was listening to took to the stage. The noise that followed just blew me away, I looked at the stage expecting to see seasoned post hardcore veterans, perhaps having one more shot before disappearing into the ether. So imagine my surprise when they all looked half my age, they only had a handful of songs and a three track cassette for sale. So I gave them money for their cassette (knowing full well I had nothing to play it on) and got to chatting to them. One thing led to another and before you know it I’ve clocked up hundreds of miles to see them in a variety of places around the UK – and have loved every minute of it.

Fast forward three and a half years, and it is finally here……the debut album. Now, I will admit that I am probably quite biased but f**k me it is a corker and it looks as beautiful as it sounds. Now I don’t normally review albums, because the people who read this blog do so only to see the records and artwork – so all I will say is this:

  • Track 1: First of the Slow Burners. Lead single, and absolute banger. Video
  • Track 2: Shapes in Nature. Starts mellow, builds and becomes a banger.
  • Track 3: The Art of Conversation. See review for track 2, also amazing live. Video
  • Track 4: Eighty Four. Builds up, builds up some more and gets loud. Thought it was going to be called Simple Plan. It bangs!
  • Track 5: Everything Matters. Probably my favourite. Also a banger. Sounds nothing like Snow Patrol
  • Track 6: Listen. Wasn’t sure about it at first. On 10th listen, decided it is a banger.
  • Track 7: War & Pieces. Starts with a bang. Continues to bang. Banger!
  • Track 8. Army of One. Continues where War & Pieces ends. BANG
  • Track 9: Last of the Quick Thinkers. A real favourite when I see them live. Love it. Massive banger.
  • Track 10: Dawn. Boom, these boys (beys) know how to close out an album. I cried. This one is not a banger, it is just the perfect end to a truly blistering debut album. Btw, I’m lying, it is another banger.

See what I have done there. Not really a review is it, I’ve just used the word banger a lot. In short: All Killer. No Filler.

Now for the reason you are here. The pictures…..

Limited to 250 copies (well 247 if you remove the three copies I have), this first pressing is on clear vinyl with blue/ silver splatter available exclusively from Rose Coloured Records (link below) and Banquet Records. It comes with an inner sleeve and lyric sheet (and obligatory download code) and is seriously nice to look at (both the record and the artwork). 



Lyric Sheet:

Buy: Click here to satisfy your need for pretty records

And here are some words from bona-fide music press………and Kerrang!

Third Man Records: Vault #29 – Pearl Jam

Well look what has just turned up – the latest in the TMR Vault releases (and my first one ever due to the band in question). The first thing I notice, is that Third Man Records don’t do discreet, with a nicely branded TMR record mailer to protect whatever gems lay inside.

Third Man Records Vault #29 represents my first foray into the TMR subscription service – and for good reason – as it is the first TMR vs Pearl Jam collaboration,recorded just before their Bonnaroo headline set earlier this year. 

The Records:

So to the contents, and I will start with the records, as that is the whole point of this blog. The main part of the package is of course the 12″. Dissapointingly it only comprises of 8 tracks, but on the plus side it is a beautiful gold (translucent orange) black 50/50 split disc house in a super stiff gatefold sleeve. The sleeve features metallic printing.

Next up, is the “record booth recorded” 7″. A single side clear record that features Eddie Vedder performing ‘out of sand’.

Non Records:

Moving on to the non-record related items…

A metal pin

A patch (which will go nicely with all the other Pearl Jam patches that they send out to TenClub members each year)

​Finally, the Vaul Package contains a photo book that has pictures taken on the day – in moody black and white!​

Recordstoreday 2016: Part 2

Following on from my first post, here are the remaining items from my Recordstoreday 2016 haul:

Twelve Inch Singles:

Florence and the Machine – Delilah: A two track single pressed on bright blue vinyl featuring Delilah and Only Love Can Break Your Heart. 

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – El Mexicano (Remixes): Aptly coloured to look like the Mexican flag, the double sided picture contains a number of remixes of the El Mexicano track. Housed in a clear plastic sleeve.  

The Charlatans – Trouble Understanding (Remixes): Features two Fatboy Slim remixes of the Trouble Understanding track. The sleeve is signed by Tim Burgess and Norman (Fatboy Slim) Cook who appeared at Resident on the Friday as part of the BBC6 Lauren Laverne show that was broadcasts from the shop.  



Christopher Lee – Charlemagne: Spoken word symphonic metal concept albums you say, well I don’t mind if I do. These sold out immediately as I bought them so assume Resident only had the 1 copy of each release! Featuring narration from Christina Lee, the 2 albums tell the story of the First Holy Roman Emporer, Charlemagne, vocalised by Christopher Lee. The first album, By the Sword and by the Cross (2010) is pressed on 2x gold vinyl and the second album, The Omens of Death (2013) is pressed on 2x translucent clear/ever so slightly bronze vinyl. 


Deftones – B Sides & Rarities: This was one of the two releases that jumped of the page and slapped me round the face when I first saw the RSD list. The first ever pressing on vinyl of the Deftones B Sides album released a few years back. Pressed on 2x gold vinyl with an etching on the 4th, housed in a gatefold sleeve with insert and DVD.


Mew – …and the Glass Handed Kites: In my eyes the most important release of the day, Mew’s second album – and the only Mew LP missing from my collection. I cannot express how important this band is. I have seen them loads, met them a couple of times and have never been disappointed. This album is wonderful – a true gem. Pressed on 2x clear vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve and complete with insert and poster. So happy (especially as I was able to get 3 copies from a variety of stores over the course of a few days). 


Beach Slang – Broken Thrills: Literally only bought this because of the artwork, which is pretty epic. I don’t know anything about the band, hopefully it will be a nice surprise like the Pinkshinyultrablast EP was. Really cool looking picture disc with different imagery on either side. 


Space – Spiders: Re-issue of the debut album from Scouse indie band Space. Only really bought it for the track ‘Female of the Species’. Pressed on heavyweight picture disc featuring spiders…. Creepy. 

Slaves – Are You Satisfied? The Extended Album: An album of additional tracks and covers performed by last years sensation ‘Slaves’. Pressed on hot pink vinyl and housed in a slip case with space for the original LP. 


Linkin Park – Road to Revolution (Live at Milton Keynes): A vinyl issue of the previously released Linkin park live album from their show at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 2008. Pressed on 2x red with black splatter vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve with insert. Nice! 


The White Stripes – The Complete Peel Session: A US only release that Resident were lucky enough to get some copies of. A double LP that delivers two of the best White Stripes performances from two John Peel sessions in 2001. The first LP is pressed on translucent red vinyl and the other is pressed on solid white and both are housed in printed sleeves that are in turn housed in a think card sleeve (that feels waxed to the touch). As always a really good looking released from Third Man Records. 


Recordstoreday 2016: Part 1

It is that time of year again where I queue up outside the best independent record shop in the UK #Fact, Resident in Brighton (

So, at 5pm on Friday night I started to queue (in 4th position) where I would then spend 14 hours staring longingly through the shop window at all the Recordstoreday releases.  

The rain came and went, the temperature dropped and the wind blew, but most annoyingly of all, the drunks kept asking “why are you queuing up”.  For the first few hours we answered honestly, with the hope that we would be admired – we weren’t. Eventually we got bored and started answering with such unbelievable responses that hopefully people would leave us be. Some favourites included:

  • Meet and Greet with David Bowie (and other recently deceased celebrities)
  • See Justin Bieber perform and Instore
  • A peaceful protest supporting a variety of causes

At 7am, the doors opened and we wove our way around the store to have our pick lists collected and await the 8am kurfew to pass.

8am came, and lots of money went…. And these are the resulting additions to my collection.

Seven Inch Singles:

Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side: 2 sided picture disc with a picture of the moon surrounded by a red and green background. A really good looking piece.   
Death Cab For Cutie – Tractor Rape Chain: Exclusive single featuring Ben covering Guided by Voices classic, Tractor Rape Chain. Pressed in white vinyl and housed in a retro looking sleeve. 

Bring Me The Horizon – Live from Maida Vale: A very ‘BMTH’ looking picture disc, with different colour backgrounds on each side. Featuring two tracks from the latest album performed at the BBC’s iconic Maida Vale.  


Muse – Reapers: A really cool looking picture disc from Muse featuring a comic looking rocket dropping bombs. Housed in a clear sleeve, with an inlay that doubles up as an origami drone. I think I will photocopy it to make the drone rather than wreck the inlay! Features an album and live version of the track.  

The Bee-Gees/ Faith No More – I Started A Joke (Side by Side): The only one of this years side by side releases that I wanted was this one, featuring the Faith No More version of I Started A Joke. A great single made all the better by being pressed on lime green vinyl housed in a die cut sleeve. 

Gerard Way –  Pinkish/ Don’t Try: A single featuring two out takes from the Hesitant Alien sessions. Pressed on Red, Pink and Purple splattered vinyl so nice to look at, with both sides looking drastically different (one looks more marble, whilst the other looks like the traditional splatter effect).

Foals – Rain/ Daffodil: Foals continue the tradition of releasing some for RSD with this years offering, 2 new tracks on Rain and Daffodil. Pressed on black vinyl and following the stylings used for the singles off of the recent “What Went Down”album.  


Bastille – Hangin’: The new single from Bastille pressed on white vinyl. Housed in a paper sleeve inside a die cut sleeve featuring a man falling down.  

Circa Waves – Something Like You: A new single featuring two tracks. Pressed on white vinyl.  

Twenty One Pilots – Disquaire Day: A two track charity single (at least I think it is) featuring two live tracks from the latest album. Pressed on black vinyl.


Ten Inch Singles:

John Williams – The Force Awakens: A two track 10″ featuring two pieces of music from the movie; March of the Resistance and Rey’s Theme. The real draw with this one though is the picture that features a front and rear shot of everyone’s favourite Corellian YT-1300 Freighter. 

Rob Zombie – Well, Everyone’s Fucking on the U.F.O.: I won’t lie, this one pretty much only got bought for the title. The artwork helped too, but once I opened it and saw the b-side etching this any regrets dissipated.  

PinkShinyUltraBlast – Happy Songs for Happy Zombies: I knew nothing about this band before RSD16, but am so glad I got told to buy it by a fellow music lover. Not only are the tracks amazing, a big fat slice of Russian Shoegaze Alt-Pop, but it is presented on a quite lovely red and orange marbled slab of vinyl (the orange is a bit translucency too). Housed in a highly attractive fully printed internal card sleeve that matches the outer cover. The simplistic rabbit and deer on the covers are pretty cute too! Pricey, but an instant favourite – so well worth it. Downside is that I now feel compelled to collect the rest of their releases. 


Dry the River – Gethsemane 7″

As requested by Discogs user sonoftheriver here are some photos of the Dry the River “Gethsemane” seven inch released on Transgressive in 2014 (TRANS184).

It was (as far as I am aware) the last physical release that the band made, and the only 7″ released from their second and final album, “Alarms in the Heart”


  Side A: Gethsemane

  Side B: Everlasting Light

For those regular readers (albeit I have been about for the last year) – this band is awesome and I highly recommend you spend some time getting to know them.